CrimsonCanary announce the availability of Polo like kinase competitor pipeline

CrimsonCanary are pleased to announce the availability of its first report for sale

Polo Like Kinases, August 2008

Table of Contents

Buy Report, $600


Ionchannelcentral, GPCRcentral, Nuclearreceptorcentral

Following along the lines of (which is pretty much up and running now) I am working on the following, which are in varying levels of completeness…




I’m open to suggestions on what information to include and other sites to host…any comments welcome.

Linking to patents

I thought I’d share these links with you having worked them all out. I’ve used different patents for each. You can probably get away with using different formats in each system but I find that leaving out commas, slashes and spaces is the best practice. The patent number is bolded.


USPTO (Granted)

USPTO (Apps)



Below is the URL to a new website I have been working on that collates information on Kinases and their inhibitors. This is the prototype – as you can imagine there are lots of possibiities regarding where this can go. I’d be interested in hearing your feedback. I’ll be improving the layout and adding more data as the weeks go by

Email me at

ISI Highly Cited Researchers

I recently came across this resource – a database of highly cited authors. It’s by no means complete but does have some good, free, biography information on researchers

Pharma Company Pipelines

Here’s a new site that I’ve been working on that takes you straight to company development pipelines without having to figure out where they are hiding. Not so much of a problem for small companies I know – but with the larger companies it’s not always obvious where the development pipeline is located

Please let me know if you have other suggestions or find broken links (email is at the bottom of the page.

I’ll be making it a little more functional shortly – but currently I am dealing with some hosting issues

More interesting websites to come soon….keep tuned in

2007 Drug Approvals

Somewhat late in the posting but heres a list of 2007 US Drug approvals